About David Randolph, Founder of Ozzie Smith’s Sports Academy


David Randolph, owner and founder of Ozzie Smith’s Sports Academy, had a dream…a dream of giving back to those athletes that want to excel in their sport of choice. In 1990, Ozzie Smith’s Sports Academy was born and for the last 24 years it has produced results for every athlete it has trained. David brought to Ozzie’s his life-long experiences, but also his passion for teaching. David was a 4-year football, basketball and baseball athlete at Principia College in Illinois. Since opening Ozzie’s, David has taught over 30,000 students. David personally trains all of Ozzie’s instructors using a specific program designed to maximize each student’s potential. David has over 38 years of coaching and playing experience and he pride’s himself on teaching his students whatever is necessary to help them reach their potential. He stresses HARD WORK and DEDICATION to every aspect of each respective sport.