This December 2014, we are offering two different softball camps.  Session 1 will be held December 22-23 and Session 2 will be held December 29-30.  You can visit this page of our website to find out more information and to register.

We will be posting our softball camp schedule for 2015 in the New Year.  In 2014, we offered softball camps in the St. Louis Metro area, Edwardsville, IL, Godfrey, IL and Virginia from March-August.  All of our coaches have played at the high school or collegiate level.


Prior 2014 Camp Schedule

Softball Camp Links

St. Louis Area Baseball, Softball, and Mini-Hitter Camps, CLICK HERE for more information and registration.

OUT OF TOWN (Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball)

Out of Town Sports Camps (Bowling Green, Rolla, Edwardsville, and Virginia), CLICK HERE for more information and registration.


St. Louis Area Speed/Core/Agility Camps, CLICK HERE for more information and registration.